(or Guko in the original version) is a members of Prince Eccentro team and one of the main Villains of the show. she is voiced by Yuka Imai in the original version and dubbed by Dina Sherman.


She is polite and friendly, simple as that, she is always happy, nothing ever bothers her. she is also air-headed but also seem very smart.>


she is a 18 year old girl with purple hair,wearing big round glasses,a upside down "U" shaped hat, a dark/light blue sleeveless shirt dress, with dark blue cufflings on both shoulders, and dark blue boots. and she also has an impossibly huge chest.




  • Gluko is the only one to be spared by Tanaka when it's time for punishment.
  • In the Japanese version, Gluko speaks in a very polite and respectful dialect, whether she's talking to her teammates or her enemies.
  • She is a fan favorite of both the manga and the anime.

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